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Lantoon Approach

My understanding is link language is not a must and a learner should be able to learn it the way a child learns. Why the emphasis on “… learn best through the language most …”

Lantoon is for all types of learners

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    Auditory Learner: Lantoon reads for you. Listen and learn the finer nuances of a language

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    Visual Learner : Watch actions and expressions of the speaker

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    Kinesthetic Learner: Play as much as you want, earn rewards and go on the leaderboard

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    Social Learner: Speak with similar learners, build your skill together


Why language learning is

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    Improves Mental Health

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    Enhances concentration & academic performance

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    Better Problem solving ability

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    Academic Performance

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    Opens up newer opportunities

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    Boosts your memory

Lantoon for schools

Start young, give your students an edge in the world

While your teachers focus on the Sciences and Mathematics, leave it to the language experts at Lantoon to help young minds learn a (few) new language(s).

Lantoon is the result of years of research put into a digital form to make it fun and effective for young learners.

Lantoon makes it easy for teachers to teach and fun for the students to learn. What better way to learn than to learn from your own native tongue!

So, start early!

Give today’s students what they want

Is Lantoon for you?

Teachers' involvement

  • Play videos for students to learn accents, nuances and expressions
  • Encourage students to play more games (You will become their favourite teacher!) to learn more
  • Students' involvement

  • Students stay motivated as they are rewarded for progressing to the next level
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    Language learning is now easy-the Lantoon way !

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